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EXPO Apartment Brylowska (Warsaw)

people: 4
Our modern apartment located in a secure building will let you safely park your car, reach the city center within minutes, walk from the Warsaw West Station, reach EXPO XXI exhibition center on foot, play with your kids in the yard and work out outdoors!

Giełdowa City Centre Apartment (Warsaw)

people: 5
When visiting our apartment, located in a modern and guarded building, you will safely park your car, enjoy multiple restaurants around, and reach the city centre in 5 minutes by metro! Another 3 minutes and you are in the historical part of Warsaw!

Park Apartment Chodkiewicza (Warsaw)

people: 4
When staying at our apartment, located in a modern and secure building, you will reach the city centre in 15 minutes, you will jog or walk in the park nearby and you will relax in one of many pubs in the evening. Safety and quiet included!

Bielany Apartment Oczapowskiego (Warsaw)

people: 4
Relax in one of most attractive districts of Warsaw! Enjoy cafes, small restaurants and green areas all around. You can reach Downtown and Old Town via metro and - if needed - get to Bielany Hospital on foot.

Malmeda City Centre Apartment (Białystok)

people: 5
This apartment will let you enjoy the beating heart of the city, with multiple pubs, restaurants, parks and other interesting places. Leave your car in the private parking and enjoy the night life! Take no taxi to come back - it is a walking distance!
Price from52.50 €